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What is UC?

What is UC?

Fulfill its promises

The revolutionary technology brought by the Bitcoin phenomenon came with many promises, but also with many problems. In reality, the crypto coin market overall hasn’t delivered and have not reached its potential.

Where new technology meets new token economy

Ucurrency introduces brand new technology aligned with a new token economy approach, solving the issues faced by current solutions available.

The future of money

We are a cryptocurrency and decentralized public blockchain project whose main goal is to replace fiat currencies and reach mass adoption, delivering the promises of this new technology.

It gives U the control

" An international medium of exchange that is not subject to local government monetary policies, nor private companies. That is decentralized, transparent and protected from inflation and depreciation. "

Joao Leme Founder & CEO
what to expect


A store of value and payment solution for a global economy, bringing a number of advantages over traditional fiat currencies and services available.

Low Fees

Low to no fees for transactions and accounts. No more credit card fees, bank account fees and transfer fees.

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Instant payments and transfers.

Ease of use

As simple as sending an email.


Available to everyone. All you need is an internet access.


Available 24hrs, 365 days/year.

Global reach

International transactons made the same way as local ones.


An international medium of exchange not subject to local government monetary policies, nor private companies. Decentralized, transparent and protected from inflation and depreciation.


Anyone can monitor and audit every transaction to assure its reliability and accuracy.

Trustless and Decentralized

Self-governed. No need to trust anyone since the rules are on the protocol, that is open source, transparent, can be runned by anyone, and no one controls, but everyone knows what it does. It’s decentralization through a P2P network makes it hard to be seized or stopped.

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Transaction history is chained into one another (hence the name blockCHAIN) through the use of cryptographic hash functions, guaranteeing that no record can be deleted without invalidating the whole system.


Besides the safety from being immutable, transparent and “trustless”, it makes use of proven secure cryptographic technology that has been around for many years, is open and widely studied at major universities, and a consensus among the best mathematicians in the world and the NIST, as the highest standard in computer security.

“ Cryptocurrency will replace fiat currencies the same way email replaced tradicional mail. ”

what to solve


8 main problems faced by current solutions, preventing it to reach mainstream.


High energy consumption. Bitcoin network spends over 73 TWh/year, enough to power over 6 million houses and equivlent to 0.33% of the world's electricity consumption.


Non-Scalable for daily transactions. Low TPS (transactions per second) and long time for confirmation.


Bitcoin's average transaction fees have kept pace with the increase in its price. At the beginning of 2017 the average transaction fee was $0.392. As of Dec. 9th, 2017 it had skyrocketed to $21.57.

Supply and Distribution

They either depreciate its value through inflation, with new coins being generated that are poorly distributed, or have a huge amount of pre-mined in the hands of its investors and team.


Cryptocurrencies available today do not allow you to identify yourself. As a result, some real life transactions can’t be easily completed, taking advantage of the system, without going through a formal identification procedure “off chain”.


All security is within a SPOF (single point of failure), the user PRK (private key). There are no additional features like: password, identity certificates, multi-signatures, 2FA (2 factor authentication), or private Key recovery.

High Volatility (unstable prices)

After hitting a record high close to $20,000 in December, Bitcoin lost 70% of its value to slip below $6,000 in January.


Either too centralized, not always in favor of the userbase, or too decentralized, were no one cares enough.

“ The current state of blockchain technology resembles automobile design in 1870, it is promising and praised by enthusiasts, but inefficient and too complicated to appeal to the mass consumer. ”

Our solution

NEW Protocol

NEW Token Economy

NEW Features

...and much more.

Yet another cryptocurrency project, but built to be the Ultimate one.

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New Protocol

proof-of-validation (POV)

Fast, Eficient, Secure & Scalable

A new protocol created by our team to solve the main Scalability and Efficiency issues current projects face today. Like BitCoin’s POW, it’s simple, easy to understand and very powerful.

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New Token Economy

Reserves to Donation

Fair distribution scheme

Developed with the following goals in mind:

Avoid undesired transfer of wealth, not privileging any particular group.

Allow it to be used as a medium of exchange and store of value, rather than speculation.

Provide stable supply and price, transparency, decentralization, and mass adoption.

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Eagers for change

Our team

Our team members combine decades of experience in software development, managent and financial services. Passionate for technology and eager to turn expetations into reality, we are bound together in a strive to change the world for better.

Joao Leme

A programmer since childhood with degree in business administration (BBA) and an appetite for entrepreneurship. Going from the corporate world to startups...

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Marlon Chermont

Experienced Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Web Applications, PHP, Entrepreneurship, and Business...

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Alexandre Cavalcanti

Pro-active, hands-on and result oriented, with over 16 years of experience in banking and finance industries. Natural leader, capable of motivating teams...

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Sergio Canovas

Experienced Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a Doctor of ...

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Andre Romano

Entrepreneur with degree in Digital Media from Golden West College, California. Working with Digital Marketing for over 10 years optimizing the success of...

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Carlos Callejo

15 years of experience in Information Technology and Telecommunications, working in technical and leadership positions...

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Eric Torres

Senior software developer with 15+ years of experience working on a variety of projects, from Windows Forms to modern web applicatons, front and backend. Expert in C#, Javascript...

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"Now is the time were we have the opportunity to shape the way we live, and make the world a better place."

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